Six genderflipped roles that would be perfect for kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart has always had a certain androgynous je ne sais quoi, which makes her interesting to watch when she’s playing girly roles.

But things could get so much more interesting for K-Stew in Hollywood, as we realized after the photoset below began circulating on Tumblr, which then collectively (and understandably) lost its whole damn mind over the possibility of seeing Kristen in “Romeo and Juliet”…

…playing the leading man.

Brb, dying forever, because PERFECT FANTASY CASTING IS PERFECT.

Unfortunately, a movie based on the Bard’s most famous romance just came out two years ago, with Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld in the titular roles — which means that we’re unlikely to see them reimagine the Romeo role for Kristen, no matter how perfect she’d be as a lovelorn, hotheaded young gentleman of Verona.

But all that means is that she’ll have to take on one of these other iconic guys’ roles, all of which she’s perfect for.

1. Rebel Without a Cause


Kristen is pretty much the nearest thing we have to a living embodiment of James Dean already, which would make her a perfect fit for a remake of the classic angst-fest about youth in crisis.

2. The Winter Soldier


She’d look so right with a metal arm.

3. Billie Joe Armstrong


Whenever the inevitable Green Day biopic gets made, there’s no reason why Kristen shouldn’t be first choice to play the band’s frontman.

4. The Godfather


Don’t tell us you can’t picture K-Stew as a young Vito Corleone.

5. James Bond


Let’s be real: She already looks better in a tailored suit than Daniel Craig.

6. Han Solo


And now that we’ve established that Chris Pratt can’t do this, Kristen is the obvious next choice. MAKE IT HAPPEN.