Kung fu star donnie yen takes lessons from his grandmaster mother

Donnie Yen is an incredible martial artist who has starred in 70 movies. He learned martial arts from his mother when he was very young along with thousands of her students. Talk about having a great female role model.

When he was chosen to star in a movie when he was eighteen, he only had $15 in his bank account. “In truth, I never pictured myself on this stage or starring in movies. I was more the shy kid. But fate had other plans,” he told the excited crowd.

His message encouraged people to grow as a person at every opportunity. It was well received by the audience, even if they were waiting for a roundhouse kick in the air. “No one says the road to success is an easy one. But every bad experience prepares you for it,” he said. “I always try to keep an positive attitude.”

What makes him the happiest? Creating movies that inspire people and make a difference.

Check out his full speech below. Be sure to watch the We Day broadcast premiere on Tuesday, November 11 at 8e/5p on MTV to see all of the We Day highlights.