Kim kardashian’s b-day surprise for kanye was stadium-sized

Well, Kim Kardashian did promise everyone that her surprise for hubby Kanye West’s 38th birthday yesterday (June 8) was going to be “the craziest.”

“Kanye’s bday today is gonna be a major SWISH!!!” she tweeted. “I planned the craziest surprise! Will share later! Sooooo excited!!!!!!”

Now, thanks to her sis Khloe, we know exactly what great lengths Kim, who is currently expecting for the second time, went to so that her beau could feel extra Kanye on his special day.

And, um, it’s not exactly the kind of thing we regular people would be able to pull off.

Khlo-Khlo Instagrammed this new picture of the birthday boy and his buddies sporting Kanye-centric East/West jerseywear in an emptied out Staples Center, which they have all to themselves today because she straight up rented the whole place for his exclusive enjoyment. Noyce.

“Kim rented out staples bitch!!!” she captioned. “Him and his boys are going to ball!!!! Happy birthday Yeezy!!!!”

Hey, it’s way better than another humdrum sports car. Also? We totally called it on the double-meaning of all that “SWISH” talk.