Kiesza shares her passion for changing the world

We’re getting pumped for Toronto’s 2015 WE Day broadcast airing on MTV December 7 at 9e/6p, and in honour of this amazing event, we’re sharing MTV exclusive interviews with some of this year’s performers including Hozier, Kiesza and Carly Rae Jepsen.

MTV had the chance to interview the one and only Keisza after her killer performance on the WE Day stage. Kiesza was quick to give her advice to all the inspiring children wishing to change the world.

“If you wan’t to change the world, you can’t really change the entire world. You can find something in the world that YOU can change.” She goes on to say that if everyone finds a piece of the world they wish to make better, the world will eventually be a better place.

Kiesza admits it was hard for her to find a place to fit in, but gives hope to youth by saying “You got to keep an open mind and try new things. Be open to opportunities, and don’t be afraid to say yes.”

#Goals are really important to Kiesza, as she opens about her struggle to become a successful artist. Her rule to herself is living in the moment. She tells MTV that “as long as you know where you want to go, you will get there… When you realize you arrive at your goal, your sights will always be set further. It’s all a process for changing the world.”

Kiezsa at WE Day 2015

While gushing about having an audience she could teach, love, and inspire, Kiesza discusses her passion for youth, and how she hopes she can inspire them to have the confidence to make a difference.

The WE Day movement is all about helping to make a difference in the world, whether the deed large or small. The Kielburger brothers believe that once you find something you are passionate about, even one small act of kindness to encourage change will help inspire others in making the world more peaceful.

Kiesza shares her passion of wanting to change the world by preserving the environment and animals. She recently became a part of “Gorilla Fund” and plans to go to Africa to help raise awareness. That’s HER passion, and she encourages other’s to find a cause—”Just do something, in order to show someone else they can do something”.

“One thing I really believe is, you don’t have to change everything about the world, just one good deed can change someone’s life.” Beaming from ear to ear, Kiesza admits, “I love WE Day, I have actually been following WE Day for a while. I just think it’s such an incredible event. I am ecstatic to be here and be able to perform with all these incredible kids around me.”

Check out the full interview with Kiesza here, and be sure to catch Kiesza’s performance on the WE Day Broadcast December 7 at 9e/6p on MTV.

Together we can make a change!