Khloe kardashian will give you the pantry goals you never knew you had

We all know that Khloé Kardashian likes to keep an organized kitchen, including those infamous cookie jars, so it only makes sense that her pantry is borderline uncomfortably flawless as well. In the most recent issue of Architectural Digest, Khloé put us all to shame showing off her incredibly put-together home. Read it and weep.


Khloé’s pantry is essentially a mini Container Store where each cereal, chip, and condiment is carefully assigned to its designated canister, and yes, that includes her Splenda.


Look to the bottom right and you’ll notice mini candy bins with their own scoops for every type of sprinkle you could possibly imagine. YUP.


Kourtney Kardashian also gave a tour of her home for the mag, revealing that three-year-old daughter Penelope not only has a neon light fixture above her bed, but also an Hermes blanket (just like all three-year-olds).

To see just how much better the Kardashian spawn are living than you, check out the rest of the photos on Architectural Digest’s website.