Kenny stantucci’s “challenge” luck runs out on “late night with jimmy fallon” [video]

MTV Stars: They’re just like us! “Jersey Shore: Hook-Up” host Kenny Santucci had Lady Luck on his side when he just happened to be picked out of the audience to participate in a game of “Name That Guy” on last night’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” and though the “Challenge” vet has won tons of dough traipsing through forests and jungles and deserts during his time at MTV, his athleticism didn’t help him much when challenged with figuring out the identity of a stranger off the street.

In the segment below, Jimmy does a double take when meeting Mr. Beautiful. “Ken…Kenny, I know you,” he says, to which Kenny humbly replies, “I wish we knew each other. We should hang out more!” (Duh — they could exchange talk show tips!) Then, right after Jimmy proclaims his love for our man, Kenny fails at naming a complete stranger — but that’s okay, so do his fellow contestants! So, with a tie of zero, Kenny’s parting gift is a Dan Jangle shirt, and knowledge that Jimmy Fallon totally loves him and will possibly arrange a slumber party in the near future.

Check out the whole interaction!