Kenny santucci and jessimae peluso make a baby while breaking down the ‘rivals ii’ premiere

Last night’s 90-minute “Rivals II” premiere was so chock-full o’ cray, it necessitated a few instant replays, and we couldn’t think of any two people better suited to review, dissect and mercilessly rag on the competitors’ hijinks than “Challenge” vet Kenny Santucci and “Girl Code” comedienne Jessimae Peluso. Yet while we expected countless combined jabs lobbed at Zach’s Harlequin-romance-novel hair and Tyrie’s Jungle temper tantrum during this first “Screening Room” of the season, we never anticipated just how swimmingly the hosting duo would get along. Translation: If you pay real close attention, you might just see Kenny get to second base.

In between their heavy petting, Kennimae actually make some keen observations and predictions. From whether or not CT’s strategy of acting like the top dog straight outta the gate will come back to haunt him, to how TJ’s voting-by-gender twist will affect the game, check out their commentary and tell us which “Rivals II” pair you think has a shot at going the distance!