Kenny santucci and jamie lee of ‘girl code’ call out frank’s ‘rivals ii’ rookie ousting attempt [video]

Lying is nothing new in the “Challenge” house, but when a competitor is caught in the act, he or she typically owns up to their fib so they can carry on drinking, talking smack and screwing as usual. Frank must have missed that memo, though, because on tonight’s episode, his sneaky attempt to get high-performing rookies Jordan and Marlon voted into The Jungle was quickly discovered by Jordan, who unsuccessfully tried to get Frank to admit to his campaigning. You know, even though there was footage showing the contrary. Integrity be damned, cue the Frankouts!

“When somebody confronts you about it, don’t deny it,” Kenny Santucci says of Frank’s deceit in the first “Challenge Screening Room” clip below. “Just go with it. Be like, ‘Yeah, we’re sending you in.'” Despite Jordan’s bitching, Frank’s plan worked and the rookies were sent into The Jungle to earn their “Challenge” stripes, but since Jordan is probably one of the most stubborn people to ever be cast on “Real World” (never forget BJ Gate), that didn’t stop him from relentlessly prodding Frank to own up to his coup, eventually causing the “San Diego” hothead to go nuts all over again (see second clip). When Bananas needs to intervene as the voice of reason, it’s time to reevaluate the way you play this game, no?