Kendall jenner just found her first gray hair and she is not ok

It started out as a normal day for BFFs Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Hailey was massaging Kendall’s head because sure, why not, and Kendall was making silly faces on Snapchat. Seems totally calm and casual, right?

Then disaster struck. Mid-massage, Hailey discovered a — *gasp* — stray gray hair infiltrating Kendall’s otherwise picture-perfect bob. How dare her follicles betray her like this. Will she ever recover from this travesty? Watch it all go down in the Snapchat video below.

“We just pulled this hair out of my head, and we can’t tell if it’s gray or blonde!” Kendall said, clearly freaking out. “It’s blonde, right?! IT’S BLONDE, RIGHT?!”

Sorry, Kendall. It’s probably not blonde. You’re only human, after all.