Ke$ha grows from “wild party animal” to warrior

Thankfully for her fans, Ke$ha is only weeks away from releasing her next album, Warrior. Her Animals have already heard two tracks (“Die Young”and “C’Mon”), but she’s saving her favourite for when the album drops on December 4.

“I wrote the song ‘Love into the Light’ by myself in Nashville right after I got back from my spirit journey. It’s a song that talks about how imperfections are what make life beautiful. Rather than try to cause divisions between people because of our differences and imperfections why don’t we all let a little more love into the light,” she told MTV News. “It’s a subject that many people have written about, but I don’t think it can be said enough.”

She loves it so much, she even included the lyrics to the song in her just-released photo-driven memoir, “My Crazy Beautiful Life.” On it, she sings about her mistakes and flaws, including bad tattoos, drinking and cursing. Though by the time the chorus rolls in, she pledges, “Maybe it’s about time to let love back in the light/ Maybe it’s about the perfect place/ To let go and forget about the hate.”

Empowerment is not a new topic for the singer. She has always been about embracing individuality. But, in the years since she rose to fame with her debut album, Animal, the glittery one has grown as an artist, she explains. And while she’s not as green as she was several years ago, she does admit to holding on to her sense of rebellion.

“When I came onto the scene I was just a wild party animal. I was broke, but I had a totally uninhibited and carefree lifestyle. I was so naïve: at the beginning; I had no idea what I was in for. I was, in a sense, animal. I’m still an animal, but I’ve also learned a lot along the way,” she said. “Seeing people all over the world sing words that I wrote back to me, when we don’t even speak the same language, was a powerful experience. It really made me want to think hard about every word on this album and make sure that everything that I wrote was positive.”

“My Crazy Beautiful Life” also includes anecdotes about of working with everyone from Dr. Luke to Iggy Pop, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Warrior. And it’s those experiences that make for some of the most interesting fodder in there, especially for music lovers.

“This book documents the entire process of the creation of Warrior, from the experiences I had on tour that turned into songs, to my spirit journey where I decided the direction and title of Warrior, through the day to day grind of making the album in the studio over the last year,” she said. “The entire process of the creation of this album is in this book.”

And, in that way the book, out Tuesday (November 20) and the December 4 album release are almost like companion pieces, giving fans a complete picture of who Ke$ha is now. She added, “My music is a reflection of my life, and this book is an honest portrayal of my life, so the two go hand in hand.”

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