Ke$ha bonds with harry styles over sushi, astrology and the color green

Ke$ha is full of bravado and sass in her songs, but when it came time to have a very public phone call with One Direction star Harry Styles during a radio interview this week, the singer was not her usual outgoing self.

“So, you know I have a thing for Harry Styles,” she told BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, who happens to be besties with the 1D heartthrob. “He looks like a young Mick Jagger.”

Ke$ha also admitted that she has met Styles and that “He has a good mouth. It’s true! I’m not trying to be a weird pervert! Yeah, he’s cute. I don’t really know him, like the ins and outs of Harry Styles … [he’s] a 10.”

Well, Grimshaw called in a favor and had Styles surprise the “Crazy Kids” singer by telephoning her live on the airwaves right after her confession. “It’s embarrassing for you. It’s not so embarrassing for me,” the 19-year-old told the Warrior singer, who was made visibly uncomfortable by the unexpected phone call. “Thank you, wow. I’ve never been a 10.”

During the sometimes awkward chat, Ke$ha learned that both she and Styles love the color green, Harry is an Aquarius and he likes sushi. Her response to that? “Well, guess what? You came to the right lady, then, if you like fish.”

“Oh, Jesus,” he responded.

The twosome then bonded over Styles getting sick during a Take Me Home tour stop on Monday night in Pittsburgh, when he stepped off the stage during “Rock Me.” “I think everyone thinks it’s ’cause I was drinking, but it’s actually ’cause I ate, had dinner too close to stage time,” he explained. “So I was just so full.”

Ke$ha warned him that he shouldn’t do that.

Styles, who called from the road in the middle of the night, stayed on the line a little longer before hanging up on the bonding session. “That’s like the first time I’ve been truly embarrassed in a while. Good job,” she said.

When Grimshaw implied that Ke$ha was in love with Styles, she replied, “I do not love him. He’s just cute. Now he thinks I’m a dork.”

“Was that OK?” Styles texted Grimshaw after the on-air conversation wrapped. So, Ke$ha, was it?