Kayla reveals something to amber that could destroy her relationship with ethan [sneak peek]

At last week’s ‘Are You The One?‘ match-up ceremony, Kayla chose Wes as her perfect match, but Wes was quick to call her out on playing him and Ryan in the house, ‘Are you going to rock with me or are you going to rock with other dudes in the house?’ Kayla responded by explaining that she had more of an emotional connection with Ryan and she wanted to continue exploring it. Following her response, Kayla asked Wes why he hadn’t tried harder to lock her down in the first place…his answer, ‘Cause I don’t chase girls that don’t know what they want.’ Buuurrrrrnnnnn!!!!

In this week’s sneak peek, Kayla seems to be on a mission to expose any and all players in the house. After pulling Amber aside, Kayla starts to explain that Ethan, (Amber’s confirmed perfect match), has made the moves on her more than once since arriving in the house, ‘One night, Ethan started making out with me. He was aggressive about it. If he wasn’t aggressive, I never would have kissed him.’ Could this be Kayla desperately trying to take the attention off her own love triangle, or is she really just a loyal and honest friend?

Check out the sneak peek below and tell us in the comments if you think Kayla is ‘full of sh*t’ (JJ’s words—not ours)!

An all-new ‘Are You The One?’ airs tonight at 11e/8p on MTV!