Katy perry opens up about why she’s promoting body positivity

Thanks to women like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande, who have publicly fired back at body shamers, body positivity is part of the cultural conversation now more than ever. Other women, like Zendaya and Lena Dunham, have called out magazines for excessive retouching, imploring outlets to celebrate their bodies, not change them.

In a new interview with Mashable, Katy Perry weighed in on why everyone is suddenly — and rightfully — firing back. She says, “There have been decades of bad messaging and we are rewiring now. Long gone are the days where you are not socially aware. You can’t unsee all that crazy shit and not try to do something to change it.”

She also discusses the terms “curvy” versus “plus-sized,” saying, much like Amy Schumer recently did, that not every woman has to own the terms. She says, “I think owning the terms is on an individual basis. It’s about what you want to call yourself. We don’t see ourselves in the same way. I know for me, I’m curvy, I’m not sample size, but I represent a lot of people out there.”

Preach, Katy. Preach.