Katy perry’s forbes cover may be a new feminist statement

Katy Perry has graced the cover of magazines before, but this time, it’s different. Our girl KP just made the front of Forbes yesterday, and there’s a special meaning behind it, she says.

“Before accepting the offer to be on the cover of Forbes, I was told that a lot of women have previously shied away from doing it,” Perry explained in an Instagram post on Tuesday (June 30). “I wondered if it was because they thought socially it would look like they were flaunting or bragging or it wasn’t a humble decision.”

In the cover shot, the singer wears a black blazer covered in dollar-sign decals — gold, of course. Her hair’s slicked back, business-lady-style, but she still maintains her personality with metallic smiley-face earrings and a shimmery bustier. Katy made #3 on the list of The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities, earning $135 million.

No matter what the reason women don’t want to pose for the business mag, Katy thinks there’s no shame in doing so. You’re allowed to be proud of what you’ve worked for.

“Ladies, there is a difference between being humble and working hard to see the fruits of your labor blossom, and your dreams realized,” she wrote. “Hopefully this cover can be an inspiration to women out there that it’s okay to be proud of hard earned success and that there is no shame in being a boss.”

Well said, Katy. So, how did she celebrate?

“Also… don’t think that I didn’t celebrate this moment by going straight to Taco Bell and getting my crunch wrap supreme,” she said. Katy is currently on her Prismatic World Tour in Japan, and reportedly waited an hour in line for the fast food.