Katy perry explains inspiration behind boxing ring vma performance

katy-perry-roar-portraitKaty Perry Explains Inspiration Behind Boxing Ring VMA Performance

Jocelyn Vena, MTV.com with reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Katy Perry did her best Rocky Balboa impression when she took to the boxing ring for her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards of her Prism single, “Roar.”

The singer took over the space under the Brooklyn Bridge, donning a leopard-print sports bra and boxing shorts, for her first-ever performance of the track, which even included the singer jumping rope. And to really punctuate the fact that she was closing out this year’s VMAs, at the end of her performance two ring girls held up signs that read “Game” and “Over.”

“You know what? I like to have the last word, and that’s me having the last word,” she told MTV News about the performance, which served as the bookend to Lady Gaga’s equally theatrical opening performance of “Applause.” Perry then explained how the boxing-themed performance tied into her Prism marketing campaign, which included a gold truck that has traveled the country, ahead of her album’s October 22 release.

“Yes, I tweeted a golden brass knuckle microphone and it matches my golden Prism truck,” she said. “Actually the Prism truck was a great way to announce the record, a different way rather than going straight to Twitter or Facebook or stuff like that.

“You know, it’s very interactive cause it started in L.A. and it drove across country and got to New York for this evening. And everyone saw it along the way, and they were tweeting and I was retweeting anyone that saw it, if anybody Instagrammed it or whatever,” she added. “It was a nice interactive way to be like ‘Yeah my records out, but you discover it.’ ”

However, the promotional campaign did hit a few bumps in the road before she took the stage at the VMAs. “The truck will be here for the show. She got a little banged up at one point, in a Walmart parking lot [in Pennsylvania earlier this month]. Somebody accidentally, well a drunk driver hit her. But she is back and ready for action,” she said. “She is ready to rumble.”