Karlie kloss is a youtube vlogger now

Until today (Tuesday, July 21), Karlie Kloss’ main claim to multi-hyphenate status was model-slash-senior Swiftie squadmember. But now she’s adding YouTube star to her resume because why not.

In a preview vid for her new channel, cleverly titled “Klossy,” she said that she has decided to become an official vlogger because she’s spent so much time in front of the camera, she’d like to find out what it’s like to exist behind the lens for a change.

Kloss has been modeling since she was a young teen — or, as she described it, “I’d be in second period chemistry one day, and then walking the Paris runways the next” — so 22 probably seems like a ripe age for some career changes to her.

But whatever the reason, her preview actually looks kind of epic because she’s posting things like a tack board of her besties — oh, hayyyyyy Cara Delevingne!

Karlie Kloss

“Modelling has kept me very busy. But it’s not my sole focus. I’ve also made time for my baking career, learning how to code, and I just got accepted to NYU,” said Kloss. Which … congrats gurl!

“These are the things you didn’t get to see before. Like crazy things that happened on set. And the thrilling moments before I step out on the runway,” she teased. “I could not be more excited to share my story and this adventure with you.”

Feel that. [Clicks ’Subscribe’ and waits.]