Kanye addresses whether the kim and amber rose selfie ‘is a real picture’

You may have woken up on Tuesday morning, checked your phone, and rubbed your eyes a few extra times to make sure you were seeing straight: Was that really Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose taking a selfie? Was it a figment of your imagination? Was it photoshopped?

“That is a real picture,” Kanye West told Big Boy on Los Angeles’ Real 92.3 on Thursday morning (Feb. 4). “They were at Kris’ house.”

He also happens to be working on an album, so he said some words about that, too. In fact, we’re just a week out from its release, and it still doesn’t have a title, he says.

I know, I know. You thought it was So Help Me God. Or SWISH. Or Waves. Or something else. But it’s not. Or not yet, at least. But it might be. He just doesn’t know yet. So relax.

’Ye also touched on his recent feud with Wiz Khalifa, as well as the size of his pool, after his aquatic accommodations were called into question on Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.”