Kailyn lowry prepares for upcoming college graduation with a sweet photoshoot

Kailyn Lowry announced back in the summer of 2014 that she was heading to college — and now, the Teen Mom 2 just wrapped up her studies at Delaware State University. It’s cap and gown time!

“If you follow any amount of the show, you know I’ve been struggling to get through school and earn my bachelor’s over the last 6 years… Yes, 6 years,” the soon-to-be mother of three shared on her website. “Between teen motherhood, financial hurdles in the beginning, then moving to a new state, marriage, babies and divorce… and then of course just wanting to give up, I (barely) held on and I’m FINALLY graduating May 13! This has been an extremely long and emotional road for me and for my family.”

To commemorate this momentous academic achievement, Kail took some graduation snapshots (courtesy of her photographer pal Jenn Glasser). Mom x3 + a degree, indeed.

Be sure to offer Kailyn your congrats on this education milestone — and check out more sweet images below (Isaac and Lincoln kissing their mama’s belly deserves a special mention).