Have teen mom 2 exes kailyn and javi found love again — with other baes?

Briana infamously called Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn “salty” because her ex-husband Javi was moving on (with her), but now Kailyn might just be doing the same.

On tonight’s episode, both Kail and Javi spent some quality time with their potential new boos. First up: Javi traveled down to Florida for a weekend visit with Briana, during which he helped out with her two young daughters, treated her to a romantic dinner and, yes, even had a heart-to-heart with her mom Roxanne, because that’s basically a rite of passage for all of Bri’s beaus.

The lovebirds duo even had a serious talk about their future, at which point Briana promised to patch things up with Kailyn should things get serious.

Meanwhile, back in Delaware, Kailyn informed producer JC she would no longer discuss her ex’s budding romance on-camera (that BTS reunion drama was obviously too much) and, moving forward, will only talk about him as it pertains to their son Lincoln.

Later, Kail helped her other ex Jo and his family throw a hurricane relief benefit for Puerto Rico. And who were her guests? None other than female pal Dom — aka “Daddy Dom” — and BFF Becky.

“Aw, what a happy family we are,” Becky joked while fawning over Kail’s youngest son Lux. “Two and a half lesbians… and a baby.”

And though Kail wasn’t sure how to respond when a friend texted her the next day asking if Dom was her “new girlfriend,” their relationship status — or at least their affection for each other — seemed clear when Kail flirted with (and cuddled up to) her new lady during a car ride.

Could it be that both Javi and Kailyn, whose divorce is officially finalized, have found love again? Will either of their relationships last, or are they each just having fun? Share your thoughts, and tune into Teen Mom 2 Monday nights at 9e/6p!