Real world showdown: can kailah and dione’s ex-girlfriend live under the same roof?

It’s a given that Real World roommates will bicker — but when an ex or a person with a complicated relationship with one of the cast members enters the fray, especially if said person is affiliated with a roommate who has hooked up with a fellow stranger, all bets are off. And if a look at next week’s episode is any indication of what’s to come, trouble is looming for Kailah in the form of Dione’s ex-girlfriend Amanda. (1)

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look like relations are going to be amicable between Jungle Boy’s two ladies: In a sneak peek that aired tonight, Dione’s on-again off-again on-again gal pal from home can be seen screaming, “Where the f**k you going?” to Kailah as well as getting up in the face of Dione’s former hookup buddy and shouting, “What the f**k you trying to say?” Doesn’t look like K and A are going to be getting manicures or cocktails after this unique experience…

While it’s clear that a repeat roommate romp in the bedroom is unlikely to occur, Kailah understandably appears uncomfortable to be in Amanda’s company — and vice versa. And even though Dione came clean to Amanda about his intimate encounter with his housemate, it appears that Amanda is still holding a grudge against Kailah. But will the girls be able to coexist under the same roof — or will one of them be forced to go home against her will? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday at 10e/7p.