Jwoww will ‘punch you in the face’ if you judge her parenting [video]

You know that lady who yells at her misbehaving kids in the grocery store? That’s probably going to be Jenni Farley, and if you have a problem with it, you best keep it to yourself.

“I will punch you in the face if you try and judge me on how I discipline my daughter,” JWOWW told us at a recent MTV press junket, while also making it clear that her little girl will NOT get away with being a diva.

“She’s not gonna do anything to piss us off,” the mom-to-be continued. “‘Cause I’ll just be like, ‘Daddy’s gonna deal with that when he gets home.’” And you don’t wanna mess with Daddy.

But that’s not to say Jenni and Roger won’t also be the coolest parents ever. We’re talking about a gal who’s been known to give her pups purple and pink dye-jobs and a guy who once put fancy chocolates on his belly as foreplay. Baby Mathews is in for a wild ride.

Coolest parents-to-be EVER!

Check out the clip for more, and give us your thoughts on RogWOWW’s future parenting style!