Jwoww reveals when she wants to start making babies with roger! [video]

Will JWOWW follow in the footsteps of her best friend and save the wedding ’til after pregnancy? Well, if she plans on getting married after September of 2013, that could definitely be the case! In this bonus clip from our latest “Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW” after show, the sexy guidette reveals that she’s got babies on the brain, and it’s possible she’ll be sporting a bump in less than a year!

“I probably will end up having a kid before marriage,” Jenni tells Nicole in the video below. And her timeline is much sooner than we ever expected. When Nicole asks when her boo-boo wants to start trying to get pregnant, Jenni responds with a definitive “after September.” In fact, the only reason she’s waiting that long is because she doesn’t want to be a shvitzing in the summer, as Snooks was at the Jersey Shore. “I felt so bad for you, every single day, in Seaside,” she tells the new mom.

Looks as if the girls’ plan to have SnookWOWW babies might just pan out! And, if Jenni’s first turns out to be a boy, she’ll have plenty of hand-me-downs from her predecessor.