Jwoww predicts a samron engagement in 2013 [video]

It wouldn’t be a proper season of “Snooki & JWOWW” without a cameo from her “Jersey Shore” family, and what better time for Deena, Sammi and Ronnie to pop their heads in than during Nicole’s first weeks of motherhood? On last night’s episode, the meatball, ‘sweetheart‘ and face of Smoosh Cocktails swung by the LaValle residence in two separate shifts to cradle little Lorenzo in their arms, and before long, the faint sound of ticking clocks could be heard from all directions.

In the “Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW” clip below, Jenni suddenly finds God, fearfully crossing herself upon hearing that Deena concluded her visit with a bit of baby fever. And when Snooks mentions that even Sammi showed a maternal instinct, both girls call bulls**t on their former roomie’s claim that she doesn’t want kids. “That’s such a front,” Jenni comments. In fact, the ladies contend that SamRon will make “amazing” parents someday. “Sam would be the soccer mom, and Ron would be running around like Bam Bam, breaking shit,” Jenni says. (In such cases, Sam can kick him in the ass with her infamous Fred Flintstone toe.)

It still may be a ways off before the couple succumbs to parenthood, but one thing Jenni senses is most certainly on the horizon — despite Sam and Ron’s insistence otherwise — is an engagement. “I think this year Ron’s gonna propose.”

Turns out falling in love at the Jersey Shore was the best thing to ever happen to ALL of these guys. (Good enough reason to never ever listen to Ronnie’s relationship advice.)