Jwoww on her five-month baby bump: ‘where the hell is she? ’


Pregnancy affects every woman’s body differently. Some expecting moms show signs of a baby bump before the Clearblue test strip is even dry, whereas others take a bit longer to “pop.” In Jenni Farley’s case, the “Snooki & JWOWW” star suffered through miserable morning sickness throughout her first trimester, and now, almost midway through her pregnancy, she’s still waiting for her bun to start rising. Come out, come out, wherever you are, little lady!

Earlier today, JWOWW posted the pic above to her website, with a note to fans that she’ll be 5 months along on Valentine’s Day weekend. She’s certainly looking fit at this stage of the game, but it sounds like the gorgeous guidette is eager to see her little girl make a grand appearance. “Where the hell is she?” Jenni wrote underneath the photo.

According to her best friend, Nicole Polizzi, Jenni has been exercising up a storm lately. “She’s definitely freaking out, she doesn’t want to get fat,” Snooki told E! News at ESPN’s pre-Super Bowl Party in New York City. “She’s working out twice a day — she’s insane.” Baby Mathews might just tumble out of the womb wearing running shoes!

Jenni promises to post “a huge blog on the workouts I’ve been doing during my pregnancy, the foods I love and hate to eat and how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months” to her site this Thursday, so stay tuned for more updates!