Justin timberlake’s best 20/20 sex-aphors: from cage to the cabaret

Justin Timberlake never met an metaphor for getting busy that was too over the top. From songs comparing sex to take out fast food (“Carry Out”) to smooth rides in interstellar vehicles (“Spaceship Coupe”), he loves to get creative when describing how he’s going to “have you open all night like you I.H.O.P.” or “show you the backseat view” on his rocket.

His latest album, The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 is no exception. On the lengthy second half of his 2013 Experience, released Monday, Timberlake comes up with some of the most unusual sexaphors so far, likening it to everything from boxing to caged animals and, yes, murder.

Jungle Boogie
The love-drenched albumopens with deep funk track “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want),” which takes no shorts in describing JT’s animalistic lust.

Key lyrics: “Now take me to your jungle, I’m not afraid/And if you’re looking for your animal, hop in my cage … Sounds are calm when we become the animals that we’re made in the jungle.”

Demon Rising
Clearly, JT spent some of his seven years out of the music game binge-watching some of his favorite HBO shows, including “True Blood.” The second track on the album, called, yes, “True Blood,” has a spooky electro vibe and lyrics that go bump, and bite, in the night.

Key lyrics: “I think she’s got that true blood/Every time you’re ’round I can smell it in you/She’s got that true blood/I come around and raise the hell out of you.”

Life Is a Cabaret
This classic skittering Timbaland production proves once and for all that Justin is pretty sure that he’s got his bedroom game on lock. As a bonus, there’s even a risqué Jesus in the manger reference that is not ready for a Sunday sermon.

Key lyrics: “Girl if set is a contest then you’re coming in first … It’s a cabaret (put on a show, get on the floor)/Cause even though I’m a professional/I like to do my work at home/Cabaret … Cause I got you saying Jesus so much it’s like we are laying in the Manger.”

Love (Punch) Drunk
Perhaps the silliest, and most fun new way JT finds to describe a breakup, and the inevitable makeup set is on the dark grinder “TKO.”

Key lyrics: “Baby now I really know what we’re fighting for/ This rematch sex is amazing/ But nobody wins if somebody’s heart is swole.”

Sex And Death
Leave it to Timberlake to describe a girl who is so bangin’ that her love is, literally, lethal. On this second 20/20 hook-up with pal Jay Z, Justin describes a woman who he would gladly get down with until she put him six feet under.

Key lyrics: “Might end a man’s life with that innocent face/ Cause everything below your neck killin’ everything next it’s murder, murder/ You say I need to watch out, something might go down, good/ I really wanna take this under the ground, under the ground/ And I’mma be down to go to that level … Bed’s way under the ground, under the ground/ And I would be down to go to that level.”

Life In The Fast Lane
“You Got It On” has so many come ons it’s hard to keep them straight. The throwback soul ballad opens with the lines, “Baby the day you were born/ They picked you up and wrapped you up/ So cold but so hot everything melts on you,” which gets weird when Timberlake wants to “coordinate” with the fresh-faced object of his desire. Then he throws a couple classic automotive pick-up lines into the mix.

Key lyrics: “First I take you out, then you turn around/ Then you back it up, ooh yeah, like we had our own fast lane/ So I take you home, drive you wherever you want, baby/ Cause you know we’re gonna end up back where we started.”