Justin timberlake shocks super fans nikki and sara with a surprise visit to ‘live’ [sneak peek]

Care to experience the adult equivalent of a kid’s first encounter with Santa? Watch the sneak peek of tonight’s “Nikki & Sara LIVE” below, in which shameless Justin Timberlake fans Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer come close to soiling themselves when JT decides to surprise the late-night talk show hosts. Should Sara actually wind up in some respiratory shock (and it’s looking likely), let us hope there are on-site EMTs to revive our favorite bespectacled comedienne.

After JT tells the girls that their show’s crew has been planning the unannounced drop-in for a while (sneaky!!!), Sara resorts to some choice obscenities. “Holy f**king s**t,” she says just before the reigning king of pop takes her hand to settle her nerves. The co-hosts apologize if their campaign to get him on the show (which included a black-and-white PSA, some shameless music biz note-passing and a stakeout at JT’s restaurant, Southern Hospitality) made him uncomfortable, but he assures them it’s all good. “It’s hard to make me feel uncomfortable,” he says. Famous last words, dude.

Check out the video, and tune in to the brand new episode tonight at 11e/8p!