Justin rehashes losing it

I’m going to start out on how this all happened!

I was at my friend Lauren’s house pre-drinking before a Jays game and think drinks were pouring and the stories were flowing! We were all shooting the shit and a couple loosing virginity stories popped out so I listened and they were pretty typical. So I was like, OK OK I got you guys beat!

I tell my story and get the usual laughs and the; “get-the-f#ck-out-that’s-crazy” looks. Then Lauren came up to me (all business) and asks me if I would like to tell this story on camera for MTV! I literally almost fell off my chair and shit my pants. I yelled “yeah no doubt” and high fived her!

A few weeks later got some emails and set dates for shooting! Shit was starting to get real and I was getting excited! Finally the day came and I was waiting in the MTV lobby nervous as shit! Then I was lead around by a very nice guy named Derek he made me feel at home we shot the shit and then he introduced me to the rest of the crew. They were very chill guys as well. They Mic’d me up and we were set to go. No lie it flew by and I didn’t even know it happened until they were like; “good job!” It was just like telling my buds so it was cool!

I’d totally do it again!! I have lotsa crazy stories!!! Lol