Justin bieber’s failed ‘snl’ skit surfaces: watch!

Justin Bieber‘s “Saturday Night Live” episode in February had girls all over the world fawning over the singer’s funny bone when he hosted and served as musical guest. But turns out, not every part of the show was hilarious. NBC posted an unreleased sketch called “Song for Daddy” from the show’s dress rehearsal that never made it to air. The skit’s writers provided commentary to explain why it didn’t make it, calling it the “greatest train wreck ever”

The clip starts off with castmember Bill Hader, who plays a crusty old country-western musician and remains the focus of the sketch for its entirety. So, for the teen audience that gathered in Rockefeller Center’s studio 8H wanting some Biebs, they were already pretty disappointed.

“The audience right now is filled with pre-pubescent girls,” Hader says in the commentary. “This is not the crowd for this. It’s just all Justin Bieber fans. …I’m just looking at young girls looking at me wondering ‘When is Justin going to do something? Is this really about this old man?’ ”

Justin makes his appearance soon enough, but he got off to a bad start. A wall started to fall from the set, and the wig-wearing singer looks off camera warily. Hader doesn’t break character, but asks the stage manager if they should proceed. “Ah, the stage almost fell on ya, son. That would’ve sucked,” he ad-libbed in a jokey twang. But in the NBC commentary, Hader points out that “he’s really scared right there. That’s true fear on Justin Bieber’s face.”

From there, things only went downhill. When Bill pulled out his “big joke,” a four-neck, pink electric guitar, completely contradicting the southern man’s stereotype, no one laughed. We find out that the band was performing on “Steve Harvey,” which was also supposed to get laughs. Nope.

And the sketch rolled on, with one gag after another getting minimal reaction. Justin tried to do his part of bringing it back to life by playing up his keyboardist role in the band.

“Justin’s really giving it his all there. Maybe he’s trying to make it funny?” Hader says.

After minutes of a rambling Bill, we get a short glimpse of Bieber again, this time in a Hulk fist and pharaoh hat. And when Kenan Thompson, who played Steve Harvey, asked JB what the name of the awful fake song they played was, Justin spat out the wrong line. “Pattycake.”

The sketch died right after, and maybe it’s for the better. Biebs did give us a few more laughs — falling walls and all.