Julianne hough, ashley rickards or aimee teegarden: who got ‘punk’d’ the hardest?

Hot girls might get the upper-hand in high school, but in the world of MTV, it just means they get “Punk’d.” Tonight’s guest host, Kellan Lutz, was specifically assigned with taking down three of the best-looking gals in Hollywood, and decided that it meant two of the three should suffer through mud and sludge.

Rock of Ages” star Julianne Hough was on her way to a friend’s house with brother and rumored Lauren Conrad-ex, Derek, when the two hit a roadblock en route. Derek got out to move the planted heavy obstruction, but it snapped in his grip and launched him backwards into a fake cement pit. Julianne cried out in a panicked frenzy when she thought her brother was in real peril, but couldn’t calm herself down enough to figure out a way to extract him. When fear nearly pushed her over the edge, and a staged stranger did more to harm than help the situation, Kellan exposed his plan, and the dancer was forced to hide her head in shame.



As many tales of punking begin, MTV “Awkward” sweetheart Ashley Rickards was in her car on a way to a casting when she pulled into a narrow thru-way, in which a truck full of fake chemicals was parked. When Ashley’s car slowly drove over a hose, a bucket full of pseudo-poison was tripped and its contents drenched a nearby worker. Ashley shot out of the car in a tornado of obscenities and, even in sky-high heels, did everything she could to help the man she thought was in harm’s way. When she went as far as sticking her finger down the guy’s throat to help him puke, Kellan decided she had suffered enough, and Ash flashed the camera the ol’ double-bird when she figured out she’d been gotten good.


Friday Night Lights” star Aimee Teegarden met up with good friend Kellan to read for a role with a young actress, who was the unfortunate child to stage parents. Almost immediately, Aimee picked up on the fact that the 10-year-old’s father was pushing his daughter more than she needed to be pushed–and pushed back as best she could when she thought he’d crossed the line. Aimee predicted she was being punked at one point, but the team held on long enough to convince her the reading was real. Until, you know, they revealed that it wasn’t.

So, when it comes to this trio of beautiful girls, who was the victim of the worst punk?