Judd apatow threatens to ‘retire’ after his ‘simpsons’ episode airs

It’s a life moment that is literally two decades in the making. Judd Apatow’s decades-old script for "The Simpsons" (‘The Simpson’ airs weekdays on MUCH at 5e/2p) will finally see the light of day, much to the delight of the director.

"I wrote an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ on spec to try and get work when I first moved to California after only six episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ had been on the air. And I didn’t get a job off of it, but recently they asked if they could make it an episode," he told MTV News on Monday night at the season-three premiere for "Girls," days after Entertainment Weekly first reported the news.

Fans take note: the sixth "Simpsons" episode aired on February 11, 1990. So, to say that Apatow is a patient man may be an understatement. "So now they’re rewriting it because they’re way funnier than me and then they’re going to show it to me and we’re gonna talk about it," he continued, adding that it will be a while before it actually airs. "And it should get shown, I guess, in a year from now. It’s very exciting."

This is hardly his only collaboration with the iconic series. Apatow appeared on "The Simpsons" this season playing an animated version of himself.

While Apatow certainly has plenty of projects to keep himself busy this summer, including directing "Train Wreck," which stars comedian Amy Schumer, he notes that he isn’t sure there are many other projects he’ll take on once his "Simpsons" episodes airs. So, Apatow fans may want to set their DVRs to capture the moment.

"It’s one of the coolest things that’s ever happened and I think I should retire," he joked. "It seems like a sign to retire. I think so. So that may be my disappearing moment. The second that ‘Simpsons’ airs I’ve come full circle and then I just disappear. I go J.D. Salinger on you."