Jordan’s ‘challenge’ confession: i’m still pissed about not going to tokyo

On “Rivals II,” rookies Jordan and Marlon proved they could hang with the big dogs, and after winning a mission and two elimination rounds, the duo earned a spot in the final. This marked the point at which Jordan’s elation was shot to hell, though, because as he and his fellow competitors triumphantly made their ways to the Phucket, Thailand airport — convinced they’d complete the game in a new exotic location — they discovered they were on the receiving end of a major prank, and would have to play out the last leg of the contest in the same place they’d started.

“Bunch of d**ks!” Jordan, who will try for first prize again on “Free Agents,” laments in this “Challenge Confessions” video. “We thought we were going to Tokyo, gonna have fun, eat some scorpion suckers. No. Didn’t happen. That sucked.” Apparently, Jordan had a tough time shaking his disappointment, especially after he and Marlon took a third-place finish. Let’s hope for his sake that if he lasts until the end once again, host TJ Lavin doesn’t pull the same trick.

Watch Jordan’s testimony, see what Nany recalls most vividly about her own “Challenge” past and be sure to watch the “Free Agents” premiere Thursday, April 10 at 10e/7p!