Jonna’s challenge confession: i had to literally rip out my hair during ‘rivals’

Jonna is known across the “Challenge” circuit for her always put-together, sometimes even glamorous look, but on “Rivals,” her very first season, keeping up appearances was no easy feat. During “Sink or Swim,” a mission in which competitors had to unload a half-ton of sand from a huge container, Jonna wound up getting fistfuls of shore-runoff lodged in her dark locks, and when all was said and done, she had to leave the weave she’d come to love for dead.

“I got so much sand in my hair, and then I fell and splashed into the water and then had to swim forever,” the ”Free Agent” cast member recalls in this“Challenge Confessions” clip. “I let it bake in the sun all day, so because of that, all of my weave tracks fused together, and I literally had every girl in the house, like Laurel, Paula, spraying conditioner, trying to cut it out. It was the worst.” And suddenly, hat hair and cowlicks seem like no trouble at all…

Watch Jonna sort through her embarrassment, peep more “Challenge Confessions” and hold tight for the premiere of Season 25 on April 10 at 10e/7p!