Watch the jonas brothers give ‘sucker’ the kindergarten treatment

The Jonas Brothers‘s “Sucker” is goofy, feel-good fun of the springiest nature. It sounds like a karaoke-night favourite, the kind of song that you put on repeat in the shower when your family or roommates aren’t there so you can sing it better than the Jonas Brothers can — because the shower’s voice modification gives you confidence like that.

Here’s a new way that it sounds good: live, in a small room, to the tune of an elementary-school clapper. Yeah, a clapper. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  Monday night, in a new edition of the Classroom Instruments segment, the Jonas Brothers, The Roots, and Fallon himself, sung the number to the tune of a clapper, a kid’s mallet set, and a number of other random instruments.

This merry band of entertainers brought the thrills. Nick, Joe, and Kevin were front and centre, of course, while Fallon and The Roots surrounded them with bongos, maracas, and other instruments you could find in a middle-school band room. The colourful mallets were the most visually catching, while Kevin’s triangle helped amplify his voice beyond his brothers. It was an interesting new dimension to “Sucker” that makes you wonder what some of their other songs would sound like if given the same treatment. My money’s on “S.O.S.” being a game changer.

The Jonas Brothers released their fifth studio album Happiness Begins, their first album in 10 years, on June 7. It features “Sucker,” which they released at March after announcing their return in February. The song debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its first week.

Watch the Jonas Brothers and the Fallon team sing “Sucker” up above.