Johnny depp finally explains that sparkly ‘chick’s ring’ he’s been wearing

Johnny Depp never makes it easy. During an appearance on “The Today Show” on Friday (April 4) promoted as the big reveal of his engagement, when asked if the sparkly diamond bauble on his left hand was an engagement ring, he told host Savannah Guthrie, “That’s a chick’s ring.”

“Does that mean you’re engaged?” she asked.

“That means I’m wearing a chick’s ring,” Depp responded, demurring again. “Well, wearing a chick’s engagement ring on my finger, being a fella, as far as you know, because I might be a woman, who knows? … What would you consider?”

Guthrie definitely thought the ring made him look engaged. And, again, being JD, he didn’t say the words, but snapped his fingers and winked in response, accepting the host’s congratulations.

“She’s a wonderful girl,” Depp, 50, said of actress/model Amber Heard, 27, to whom he reportedly got engaged in late 2013. “She’s sharp as a tack. A southern belle and sweet as can be, and very good for me.”

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When Guthrie further pressed on reports that Heard might be pregnant, Depp quipped, “Expecting what? A child? Good God, what do you think I am, a savage?” He said son Jack and daughter Lily-Rose — with former partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis — shouldn’t expect a new sibling anytime soon. “No, no it’s not a shotgun affair,” he said to Guthrie, who recently announced that she is pregnant and had secretly gotten married.

Depp’s been wearing his flashy “chick’s” ring on his left ring finger for a while and first confirmed that it was originally Heard’s engagement ring during a press appearance in support of his new movie “Transcendence” in Beijing on March 31. Chatting with David Letterman on Thursday night (on the same show where the host announced that he’ll be retiring next year), Depp showed off his “female engagement ring,” explaining that he was wearing it because, “It was too big for my girl.”

Don’t worry, though, Depp promised that even though he had no idea what size ring Heard wears, “She has the other one that fits” now.

“I think people are scared to comment,” he told Letterman. “Why? ‘Why is a grown man wearing a woman’s engagement ring?’ Because it fit.”