Jillian rose reed to tap into her inner sadie saxton for new disney channel role

Remember when the scorned Tamara uttered the ice cold words, “You’re dead to me, Jenna Hamilton!” after Jenna swapped spit with Ricky Schwartz? It was unusual for the “Awkward” character to be so venomous, but Jillian Rose Reed, the actress behind the gossipy redhead, will soon take the mean girl trope to the next level with an upcoming role on Disney Channel’s “Jessie,” in which she’ll play a frenemy that rivals the likes of Palos Hills High School’s Queen Bee, Sadie Saxton. Better hold on to your hat, other J.

According to The Wrap, Jillian will portray a backstabber named Abbey in an upcoming episode called “Acting with the Frenemy.” When Abbey meets Jessie, a New York City nanny with dreams of stardom, the two seem to get along swimmingly at first, but once they’re up for the same part, Abbey digs into her bag of tricks to get ahead any way she can. Hopefully Jill got some tips from her IRL BFF, Molly Tarlov, on nailing the perfect bitch face!

Check out Tamara’s vintage mean girl moment below, and tell us if you think JRR has got what it takes to pull off a performance as a jerk!