Jessica’s ready to ‘slap the f-k’ out of ‘challenge’ ex dustin, adam and brittany agree adam’s an assh-e

On “The Challenge: Free Agents,” competitors Dustin and Jessica doubled as flirty lovebirds, but on the upcoming “Battle of the Exes 2,” the skies might be darkened by their all-out dogfight.

In the “He Said/She Said” clip below, the short-lived couple chronicles its fallout, and when Dustin implies that he was an innocent victim of Jessica’s maneating scheme, she doesn’t quite take kindly to it.

“I think you made me look crazy,” she says, and denies she was as overzealous as Dustin’s pegged her to have been. “I didn’t do that to you…I’m about to slap the f**k out of you.”

And though Adam and Brittany had some epic “Are You the One?” blowouts, they, on the other hand, are on the same page about what led to their breakup: Brittany got a little too attached, and Adam turned into a little bit of an assh***. So, in their inaugural “Challenge” outing, they’re trying to learn from their mistakes.

“When we get drunk, she tries to hook up with me,” Adam begins in the video above. “I’m hoping to stay away from that…If I get bored, though, I’ll probably smash her.” At least he’s gonna give it the ol’ college try! And while Adam might see temptation getting the best of him, Brittany’s putting up her defenses.

“No more Boom Boom Room ever again,” she resolves. We shall see…

Could Brittnam take first place, or does Dessica have what it takes? Place your bets, and be sure to tune in to the “Battle of the Exes 2″ premiere on January 6 at 11e/8p!