Jessica and dustin prepare for first ‘challenge’ ex-ile while battling venomous creatures

When former “Challenge” flames Dustin and Jessica found out that they had not been entirely eliminated after suffering a crushing defeat to rookies Adam and Brittany, the erstwhile “Free Agents” lovebirds were understandably ecstatic about their second shot in “Ex-iled.” But before they get their chance to face off against the second team eliminated, D and J had some time to kill in paradise — with a few unfriendly companions.

“Apparently, I am very scorpion prone. This is scorpion number two, and these bitches keep getting f**king bigger and bigger,” the brunette beauty dishes in the video above.

If these two can handle venomous arachnids, going in a head-to-head battle should benothing…right?

Meanwhile, the “Real World: Las Vegas” alum is still feeling bitter about getting ousted during the inaugural round — to a bunch of newbies.

“Of course I was feeling all confident and cool, but I was scared as s**t,” Dustin reveals in the bonus clip below. “And I wasn’t even voted in — I was literally picked by one person.” Better watch yo’ back, Wes

Be sure to watch a brand-new episode of “BOTE2″ tonight at 11e/8p, and stay tuned for Dustin and Jessica’s first “Ex-iled” challenge!