‘jersey shore massacre’: your first look at the gore, brought to you by jwoww!

This summer, sunburns will be the least of a few innocent beach-goers’ worries, because come August, a crazed killer will leave the Jersey Shore in shambles. “Jersey Shore Massacre,” a horror/comedy flick of which Jenni Farley is Executive Producer, will follow a tried and true guidette named Teresa as she sets out on a coastal vacation with her friends. Unfortunately for the group, the party quickly turns sour when a murderer emerges, and as you’ll see in the exclusive trailer below, not even the tanning bed is safe.

JWOWW, who’s no stranger to living it up in and around Seaside Heights, told us “Massacre” was nearly given an NC-17 rating for its gore, but is unique within the horror genre as it’s also knee-slappingly hilarious. “This movie has all our ‘Jersey Shore’ slang, which gives the viewers laugh-out-loud moments,” she said. “I love how you can laugh and scream in the same minute.”


Teresa and Dina would much rather be dancing at Karma.

Farley shared that the owners of Rush Couture, a clothing brand featured on Season 1 of “Jersey Shore,” first told her about the film, and she jumped at the chance to be a part of the project. “I knew this would be perfect for all the fans missing ‘Jersey Shore,’” she explained. “My role is being behind the camera and really making a name for myself as a producer — being a successful producer has been my dream ever since ‘Jersey Shore.’”


How about some fist-pumps, push-ups and Chapstick before croaking, Freddy?

Having been a horror film fanatic for some time, Farley knows the formula for making you squirm in your seat, but if the tables were turned on her and her former “Jersey Shore” housemates, and they were the victims in a thriller, who’d go down first? “Mike ‘The Situation,’ because abs can’t save you from a serial killer,” she answered honestly.

Farley nominated herself to be the likeliest to survive, yet in the event her fantasy character didn’t make it through the night, she dreamed up an ideal method of meeting her maker.

“I would wanna go down in a real bad-ass fight,” she declared. “Not the overly dramatic running-in-the-field, slow motion sh** where I trip and break my leg. I wanna F the killer up before I go down.” ‘Atta girl!

Take a first look at the soon-to-be classic “Jersey Shore Massacre,” and be sure to check it out in select theaters August 22 and through VOD August 26!