‘jersey shore’ cast to fans: thank you for believing in us [video]

The minute MTV announced that Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" would be its last, we bum-rushed the blog with all sorts of features encapsulating our appreciation for the series–from Most Defining Moments lists and video remixes to our more recent tribute mockumentaryand finale pre-show, we’ve admittedly bled this finish dry. BUT, we’ve got one more piece of content—the most important piece—to show you now. You know, that whole saved the best for last thing.

Below, the entire crew (minus Vinny, whose absence Pauly blamed on a second bout with Pink Eye) turns the love over to YOU guys, the people who made it possible for them to experience the wildest ride of their lives for four years. They offer their sincerest thanks for your acceptance and support, and bid you one final farewell–"Jersey"-style. Take a look at the clip, and…cry. The time has come.