‘jerks with cameras’ host tone bell reveals what motivates the cast: bragging rights

Class clowns are generally as loud as foghorns, but this Thursday night, one “Jerks with Cameras” cast member will set out to prove that quiet guys can be equally as infuriating. On the first episode of the show, Amir K will hit the streets of Hollywood to irritate the masses with his indistinguishable mumbles, and in the sneak peek below, the pedestrians he stops look like they’d probably prefer a grammar lesson from Charlie Brown’s teacher.

In the second video, show host Tone Bell says that Amir and his fellow comedians consistently leave him awestruck. “What they do is a sure talent,” he says. “I like to just marvel and watch their work.” But if you think the expert scheming to come is just strategy to snag each episode’s first-place trophy, Bell says winning is more a matter of pride. “Everybody wants to outdo each other,” he explains. “It’s more about what we can brag on around the set.”

Get a first look at “Jerks with Cameras,” and watch the premiere January 16th at 10:30e/7:30p!