Jennifer lopez’s daughter pranks her while she’s sleeping – see the pic!

Jennifer Lopez was just minding her own business on Tuesday (September 23) as she made her return home from the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. It was a celebratory day for the pop star, who seems to have missed the States and was glad to be back on familiar ground.

“One step closer to home… #backinthestates #theresnoplacelikehome,” J.Lo captioned a fabulous Instagram selfie where she’s clad in a fur-lined sweater and sunglasses.

Don’t get too comfortable, Jenny.

But, shenanigans were imminent as Lopez laid her jet-lagged head down for a nap. The“Booty” singer’s daughter, Emme, apparently not one to sleep on an opportunity, took advantage of her mommy’s weakened state to play dress-up in all her designer apparel.

“Ok this happened while I was sleeping…lol,” Lopez shared along with a photo of her 6-year-old daughter. I mean, she’s totally pulling it off!

Touché, Emme. Touché.