Jennifer lopez and nicki minaj: a tale of two booties at ‘fashion rocks’

There was a lot happening at the Fashion Rocks concert Tuesday night. In addition to Justin Bieber stripping down (and getting booed) when he hit the stage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, there were big performances from Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez.

I’ll sum up those two performances as: a tale of two booties.

Both ladies put on quite the show, with plenty of a$$ (as you can tell by the photos). Nicki Minaj was fresh off that ass-shaking “Anaconda” performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs, and last night she brought it all back for her Fashion Rocks performance.

Nicki’s Rear View


Later in the night, J.Lo made an appearance to perform “Booty” and obviously kept the focus on her behind. The track features Iggy Azalea, and although Iggy wasn’t there to perform, you’ll get plenty to look at in their upcoming video.

J.Lo’s Rear View