Jennifer lawrence says the hemsworth brothers are scab – eating animals

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with the Hemsworth brothers, Jennifer Lawrence can pretty much approximate that experience for you — all by herself.

The “Hunger Games” star was on “Conan” last night (Nov. 19), where she explained the origins of Liam Hemsworth’s animalistic nickname, “Bear.”

“He’s an animal,” she said. “His whole family, they’re real animals. It’s the craziest family I’ve been around in my life. The way they communicate–”

At which point J-Law launched into the greatest, rawest, most gestural impression of both Liam and Chris Hemsworth you’ve ever seen in your life. We don’t want to spoil the experience, so suffice to say that there’s a lot of Australian-accented growling and an offer of five bucks to eat a scab (which frankly does not seem like anywhere near enough money to serve as motivation for someone who didn’t secretly want to do it in the first place.)

Check out the whole interview below: