Jennifer lawrence just signed on to her craziest role yet

A week after getting her fourth Oscar nomination for “Joy,” acting beauty Jennifer Lawrence is set to star in the film “Marita,” a pitch from “American Hustle” co-writer Eric Warren Singer.

Replacing her miracle mop for something a little more dangerous, Lawrence will play real-life figure Marita Lorenz, the woman who was supposed to assassinate Communist leader Fidel Castro — but fell in love with him instead. As one does, naturally.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Marita” will follow Castro and Lorenz’s interesting and rocky relationship. Lorenz first began an affair with Castro when she was just 19 years old.

Their love was cut short after Lorenz became pregnant, had an abortion, and joined the anti-communists in the U.S., “where she was recruited by the CIA for an assassination mission. In 1960, she returned to Cuba to carry out the mission but, according to lore, yielded to love.”

Lorenz is also the queen of conspiracy theories, claiming involvement in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. No word on if that part of her life, or her many other endeavors, will make it into the film (but fingers crossed they do).

Based on Lawrence’s track record, we’re probably looking at her fifth Oscar nom. Just saying.


Photo: 20th Century Fox