Jenna discusses losing it


Jenna took some time to share her experience with Losing It:

“Funny enough, I was really nervous because you don’t really share the first time you had somebody on cable TV, do you? I guess there’s a first time for everything. The main thing I was thinking was, ‘if I tell my story maybe it might give someone some piece of mind that sometimes crazy shit happens and POOF your virginity is gone.’ When in the studio it was actually really chill. The guys made me feel at home and I was just in there taking it all in. While telling my story and when the questions were being asked, they made me feel so chill that I felt I was just talking to my friends. Overall, I was really glad I did this. Also it made me realize that I’ve done some crazy shit but it’s all part of something kick-ass and I think this is what this show is.”