Jemmye predicts a ‘physical altercation’ with her ‘rivals ii’ partner, camila [video]

The few things “Rivals II” partners¬†Camila and Jemmye¬†have in common — being loud, brazen and always ready for a fight — only make them butt heads even harder. The heavily-accented duo (dubbed “Team Subtitles” by Camila) haven’t spoken since their infamous “Battle Of The Seasons” bus ride throwdown, and in this interview conducted in Thailand right before the game began, it’s all too clear that neither is particularly thrilled to be matched up.

“I could literally see us getting into a physical altercation,” Jemmye says while sizing up her sole teammate. “I think that’s our biggest issue, is that we honestly just can’t deal with each other.” (Oh, just that?) Camila’s worries, on the other hand, involve Jemmye’s inexperience in “The Challenge,” and says Team NOLA’s “BOTS” performance has her concerned: “Last time…all I saw was her partying, going crazy, fighting everyone…it scares me that she’s gonna lose this for me.”

Sounds like these girls have a few things to work out, but can they channel their mutual hatred into game-winning aggression? Check out the pre-season interview, tell us what you think of Team Subtitles and keep up with for more videos from Thailand.