Jemmye and knight reflect on ‘real world: nola’ breakup, jay and jenna have tough ‘challenge’ road ahead

Sadly, in the early hours of this year’s American Thanksgiving, “Challenge” veteran Ryan Knight was found dead at a friend’s house and many, like his ex-girlfriend Jemmye Carroll, were understandably devastated. Thankfully, though, the former couple, which will appear on the upcoming “Battle of the Exes 2,” seemed to be on good terms toward Knight’s final days, and in the “He Said/She Said” video below, they’re able to joke through the story of their breakup.

“Things went south because he wasn’t thinking, and he was cheating a lot,” Jemmye bluntly offers in the segment, brushing off Knight’s knee-jerk reaction to disagree. “Don’t deny that sh**,” she demands. Never one to mince his words, Knight proceeds to come to terms with the reality ahead.

“And now we’re stuck here in Panama together,” he notes. “Pretty exciting.”

Real World: Ex-Plosion” exes Jay and Jenna, who got back together during the course of the show’s filming, found themselves constantly at odds over trust issues, but in the clip below, Jay explains there was more to their eventual undoing than just jealousy and suspicion.

“She wanted to take things to the next level,” Jay recalls. “She didn’t think that I was going to do it; she thought that I was still thinking the grass was greener on the other side.”

And now that Jenna’s moved on and has a new boyfriend, she’s skeptical that she and Jay will be able to strike up the recipe for success as teammates.

“I think he thinks we’re going to work through it and, like, become friends,” she predicts with a skeptical expression. Tell us how you really feel, Jen!

Think either of these teams have a shot at the big money? Place your bets, and be sure to tune in to the “Battle of the Exes 2″ premiere on January 6 at 11e/8p!