Jemmila or dineesa: which final ‘rivals ii’ jungle team are you rooting for?

The “Rivals II” final mission is close enough to taste (we detect an equal mix of Right Guard and sweat-soaked socks), but last night’s episode ended with quite the nail-biting cliffhanger! After vets Aneesa and Diem failed to master the Simon-inspired “Color Correction,” the two found themselves in the final Jungle of the season. Despite CT‘s betrayal of Diem by voting for the powerhouse duo of Paula and Emily to face her and Aneesa in The Jungle, Camila and Jemmye were picked by the majority to join them. What a relief! But not really. Team Jemmila got game, too, bitches!

When Diem voiced relief at having to go up against a supposedly weaker team, Jemmye and Camila took offense. They went off on the “Challenge” good girl, trying to get her to admit she campaigned against them, and despite Aneesa’s attempts to defend her partner and break up the fight, the whole thing turned into a total s**tstorm. Guess we’ve got our teams for “Rivals III”!

Considering how fired up the four ladies were after their confrontation, we’re going to be in for a dirty, dirty Jungle. Aneesa and Diem tend to take a calm, calculated approach to the competition, especially this season (accidental-Trishelle-punch notwithstanding), whereas Jemmila thrive on Cameltdowns and ketchup-induced fits of rage. It should be an interesting match, that’s for sure.

Which team are you rooting for to make it to the final two?