Jasmine wants to go all broken mirror on ‘rival’ theresa’s face [video]

The irony that Jasmine and Theresa‘s hate for one another spawned from defending their original “Rivals” is certainly not lost on us. When Jonna and Camila started going at it during the first season, both Theresa and Jasmine were quick to jump to their respective partner’s aid, and quickly absorbed the fight. One broken mirror later and the two were on the outs for good, but the time has come for a ceasefire. In the “Rivals II” pre-season interview below, both girls acknowledge that there’s serious bad blood between them, but hope they can squash the beef long enough to work together and turn out a win.

“Nothing’s been resolved, but the fact [is] that we have to win this money,” Jasmine says, adding that after they have their checks in hand, any temporary truce will immediately dissolve. “After we win I’d still like to punch her like I did the mirror.” Gotta love the little one’s pep! And while Jaz doesn’t seem too concerned about still having five years of bad luck left, Theresa’s worried that her partner’s penchant for smashing things will cut their Thailand stay short. “The only thing I’m nervous about is her maybe breaking a mirror again, and maybe slicing her arm open so we have to get sent home.”

Check out the clip, and let us know what you think of Jasresa’s chances!