Jamie lee performs a ‘girl code’-inspired version of ’12 days of christmas’ [video]

But really, who the f**k EVER asked Santa for a partridge in a pear tree? What does a partridge even look like? We have no clue; however, we all know what a Starbucks gift card looks like, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be collecting them by the handful this holiday season (hey, what our families lack in creativity, they make up for with caffeine). So, in honor of typical (yet still most appreciated!) presents our true loves (a.k.a. Aunt Millie) will be giving us over the next few weeks, we called upon the brilliant Jamie Lee of “Girl Code” to write and perform a modern-day version of the classic jingle, “12 Days of Christmas.”

Check out the original MTV music video below, starring the vocal stylings and inappropriate pantomimes of Ms. Lee, for a look at what’s bound to be inside every lucky lady’s stocking this year. There are some free manicures for you well-groomed sorts, some butts-a-twerking for you pop culture fanatics and, naturally, a whole ‘lotta egg nog for EVERYONE. Merry merry!